Anyone for squid?

Anyone for squid?

It was a bit of a rush after the very late arrival of TG 111, but I made it to my connecting flight – just!

Flight: SQ 979, Bangkok to Singapore

Flight time: about 2 ½ hours

Plane: Airbus 330-300

Class: Business … and full

Seating: 2-2-2, leather seats in plastic shell

The meal: a squid salad as a starter??? Surely not my pick for a choice of protein! But three decent choices for a main … the seared Kurobuta pork loin with Bourbon sauce – created by some flash chef at the Gotham Bar & Grill in New York apparently – was a good choice

The entertainment: full selection of movies, but not quite enough time to watch most of them. A couple of episodes of first season Glee! passed the time

Overall impression: Excellent attention to my concerns about my baggage making the connection … they told me it hadn’t, and what to do when I reached Changi


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