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Pasta to the rescue

Almost feels as though we’re turning Italian, so many pasta meals of late. Mind you, I don’t think Italians eat such hearty servings as we do! But it’s been a busy time, and pasta makes an easy-ish meal, coming to the rescue when dinner’s running late. Spaghetti bolognaise, often, and that pasta with tomato & … Continue reading Pasta to the rescue


Pumpkin lasagna

A surfeit of pumpkin upon returning from the Sunday market. Funny, really, as now it's spring and I associate pumpkin with autumn. But enjoy it anytime, so hauled out hoarded recipes to see what could be done. Pumpkin lasagna, as a beginning. about 1 kg pumpkin 2 tbpsns butter 3 eggs 1 cup toasted pine nuts, or … Continue reading Pumpkin lasagna

Meals for tired people: tuna & tomato sauce

Rather than being about eating seasonally, this blog has of late been more about rustling up meals in reasonable time from at-hand ingredients. Years ago, in London, I used to joke about reading Martha Gellhorn’s Pretty tales for tired people on the tube, because the title seemed so apt for commuters. Maybe nowadays it’s a … Continue reading Meals for tired people: tuna & tomato sauce