A bouquet for Nikau

Heading off to meet a friend for lunch, I walked through Aro Park where, I discovered, they were having some sort of second-hand/local produce fair. Local produce in the inner city? Well, yes. Laila was selling her home made lemon curd & giving away sourdough starters + a recipe. I admire such generosity of spirit, & action. She even had the most delicious samples … a dollop of lemon curd with mascarpone in a small meringue basket. I can imagine cafes selling these for several dollars, but here she was, giving them away. I suppose I should have bought some of her lemon curd, but I already have two unopened jars in the pantry … ah well, maybe next weekend.

Anyway, also in Aro Park I bumped into the neighbour-from-across-the-road & in the midst of idle chatter asked, where can one go for lunch in the central city. And he said, Nikau. And I thought, but of course. Nikau used to be a regular haunt a few years back, but then it closed while work was being done on its parent building, the City Gallery. And I forgot all about it.

So,that’s where we headed for lunch. And it was good. Attentive waitrons, and my kedgeree rather yummy. Generous amounts of smoked fish – one of the sustainable varieties, too – and a wonderful creamy consistency to the dish.

I shall return.


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