Pasifika festival

A great day for festivals this sunny Saturday. Wandered down to Out in the Square, where young things carrying big black cooler boxes slung by straps behind the shoulders, like the confectionery vendors who used to emerge at half-time in the cinema, back in the days when Intermission scrolled across the screen while the orchestral theme music surged, were handing out ‘adult’ ice blocks. Adult flavours, that is, not shapes. Ginger beer, lemonade, lime & bitters. B had FIVE! And declared ginger beer the best.

Then across to the waterfront, the harbour a picture, and the Pasifika festival at Waitangi Park. Food stalls on one side, and very busy. Disinclined to queue, I went to one of the quieter outlets. Corned beef & green beans hot roll. In other words, a roll filled with corned beef & green beans. Not sophisticated, but tasty enough.

But probably not healthy. Isn’t corned beef riddled with salt & preservatives? And, I have to say, looking around at the SIZE of many of the people there, there was definitely a case for more healthy food choices. Too much in the naughty but nice category on offer. Three young women seated on the grass nearby were wolfing down pineapple halves topped by a moutain of vanilla ice cream. Just for example.

Still, a fun day.


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