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The things your friends make you eat

The things your friends make you eat

  Seared tuna cheek in a restaurant in Tokyo. Eat the eye, the waiter said, collagen. Hmm, thanks, but I think I’ll find other ways to plump my lips. And as an appetiser to this meal, we had deep fried fish spines … crunchy! But, let’s be honest, the tuna cheek was delicious, and the … Continue reading The things your friends make you eat


Never again

When we moved into this house, one of the delights was discovering the  garden as the seasons unfolded. We were puzzled, that first summer, by tall leafy plants that L thought were sunflowers & I thought were possibly a type of salvia. Turns out we were both wrong. They're Jerusalem artichokes. And they're edible. But … Continue reading Never again

You couldn’t fake it

In Bangkok, wondering where to eat. A Google search found Thai Tatler's restaurant reviews, preferred location & favoured cuisine narrowed the field to a few options. And, in the end, we chose Harmonique. And that turned out to be a very good choice. My sort of restaurant in many ways. Not undiscovered by farang, indeed almost entirely a farang … Continue reading You couldn’t fake it