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The things your friends make you eat

The things your friends make you eat

  Seared tuna cheek in a restaurant in Tokyo. Eat the eye, the waiter said, collagen. Hmm, thanks, but I think I’ll find other ways to plump my lips. And as an appetiser to this meal, we had deep fried fish spines … crunchy! But, let’s be honest, the tuna cheek was delicious, and the … Continue reading The things your friends make you eat


You couldn’t fake it

In Bangkok, wondering where to eat. A Google search found Thai Tatler's restaurant reviews, preferred location & favoured cuisine narrowed the field to a few options. And, in the end, we chose Harmonique. And that turned out to be a very good choice. My sort of restaurant in many ways. Not undiscovered by farang, indeed almost entirely a farang … Continue reading You couldn’t fake it