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Why Wellington is cool

Walking to the Sunday market, a circle of Falun Gong followers were seated on the grass in Aro Park doing their meditative exercises as plangent music played from a portable sound system. Beside them, in the Aro Valley community hall, the wonderful uplifting singing of an African evangelical church group rose to the heavens. A … Continue reading Why Wellington is cool


Kitchen disasters

 Okay, time to ‘fess up. Sometimes things go wrong in the kitchen. And I’m not just talking about my recent adventures with pavlova. Last weekend, for example, at the market, 5 terakihi for $10 sounded such a bargain, I couldn’t walk past it. But when I got them home I wasn’t sure which year, let … Continue reading Kitchen disasters

Why Sue Bradford is (probably) right

Working at home this morning, an in-depth interview between Kathryn Ryan and outgoing Green MP Sue Bradford distracted me. An impressive interview, and when Bradford’s given the space to talk, to expand on her ideas & experiences, you realize what an injustice her public persona as humorless, battling activist does to her. But it was … Continue reading Why Sue Bradford is (probably) right