Category: Summer

Onions for a wing-warming

Over many months the extension to the house has crept up the hill. It's on the other side of the valley, so we've been watching progress. And wondering what the neighbours, slowly encroached upon, have been thinking. Am not sure if any of the encroached-upon were there the other night, when she had her wing-warming. … Continue reading Onions for a wing-warming


Pasifika festival

A great day for festivals this sunny Saturday. Wandered down to Out in the Square, where young things carrying big black cooler boxes slung by straps behind the shoulders, like the confectionery vendors who used to emerge at half-time in the cinema, back in the days when Intermission scrolled across the screen while the orchestral theme music surged, were handing … Continue reading Pasifika festival

Karori sanctuary aka Zealandia

"She wants to take us to lunch," he said. "Let's go to the sanctuary." The Karori Sanctuary, that is. Renamed Zealandia. And so we went. The selection of counter food looked old, tired, yesterday's. I chose a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato ... as I'm sure you know) in toasted Turkish bread off the menu. … Continue reading Karori sanctuary aka Zealandia