Arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi is a BIG airport. Not particularly attractive, but it works.

I figure, though, that for first time visitors it can be a bit overwhelming. Lots of signs in English – indeed, a former Thai PM once remarked that with so much English signage around it didn’t feel like Thailand – but not so much English spoken.

After landing it’s all pretty standard procedures, and then bang! you’ve arrived! How do you get to the city?

For me, the answer is always public taxi. Follow the signs, take the travellators down to the 1st floor. Outside, take a ticket from a machine – currently there are different machines for ordinary taxis & taxi vans – any group of more than three people and three reasonable size bags is probably best advised to go for the van.bangkok-taxi

But be prepared to queue for your ticket. Sometimes, the queues are long; though the other day I was the only person there. Bizarre. Maybe Saturday mid-afternoon is a good time to land.

The ticket will tell you which lane your cab is in. You may have to wait for it to arrive.

It used to be that a human at a desk asked you where you were going, gave you your ticket, told the driver your destination … now you do it. Good idea to have this written, in Thai.

Most drivers don’t speak English. Most drive fast, but not terrifyingly. And after taking countless cabs in Bangkok, I can say they’re honest. Only once have I ever suspected the meter was rigged.

So, when they ask you to pay the tolls, that’s legit. THB75 all up. When they add a THB50 surcharge to the fare, that’s legit too.

Pay with a smile, and a small tip. You’ve arrived. Relax.



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