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Anyone for squid?

Anyone for squid?

It was a bit of a rush after the very late arrival of TG 111, but I made it to my connecting flight – just! Flight: SQ 979, Bangkok to Singapore Flight time: about 2 ½ hours Plane: Airbus 330-300 Class: Business … and full Seating: 2-2-2, leather seats in plastic shell The meal: a … Continue reading Anyone for squid?


Airline food (poisoning)

There was a day of travel. Early departure, as they all seem to be, to my great displeasure. Waiting at airports. And eating only airline food. Then that evening, trying to sleep before ANOTHER early departure the following day, out of Sydney, that feeling in my gut. Oh dear. Thanks, Qantas. I blame it on … Continue reading Airline food (poisoning)