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Why Wellington is cool

Walking to the Sunday market, a circle of Falun Gong followers were seated on the grass in Aro Park doing their meditative exercises as plangent music played from a portable sound system. Beside them, in the Aro Valley community hall, the wonderful uplifting singing of an African evangelical church group rose to the heavens. A … Continue reading Why Wellington is cool


A bouquet for Nikau

Heading off to meet a friend for lunch, I walked through Aro Park where, I discovered, they were having some sort of second-hand/local produce fair. Local produce in the inner city? Well, yes. Laila was selling her home made lemon curd & giving away sourdough starters + a recipe. I admire such generosity of spirit, & … Continue reading A bouquet for Nikau

Pasifika festival

A great day for festivals this sunny Saturday. Wandered down to Out in the Square, where young things carrying big black cooler boxes slung by straps behind the shoulders, like the confectionery vendors who used to emerge at half-time in the cinema, back in the days when Intermission scrolled across the screen while the orchestral theme music surged, were handing … Continue reading Pasifika festival

Karori sanctuary aka Zealandia

"She wants to take us to lunch," he said. "Let's go to the sanctuary." The Karori Sanctuary, that is. Renamed Zealandia. And so we went. The selection of counter food looked old, tired, yesterday's. I chose a BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato ... as I'm sure you know) in toasted Turkish bread off the menu. … Continue reading Karori sanctuary aka Zealandia