Always late?

Always late?

That was what I overheard in the lounge at Chiang Mai airport, waiting for TG 111 to depart. This flight is always late, a man said. This is the fifth time I’ve taken it, and it’s always late.

On today’s experience, and thinking of the late arrival of my earlier flight to CNX, he might just be right.

We were well over an hour late leaving, over an hour & a half late arriving. With a connecting flight to Singapore, I was not happy!

Flight: TG111, Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Flight time: about an hour

Plane: Airbus 330-300

Class: Business

Seating: 2-2-2, fabric covered seats in plastic shell

The seat: 11E, front row, facing the bulkhead; a bit too busy, too much to-ing & fro-ing from the galley; better to sit further back if you can

The meal: who wants lunch served at 4.45? Not me. Though some people did.

To drink: There’s no booze offered on this flight, but as I checked in for international rather than domestic departures there was a small range of alcohol on offer in that lounge

Overall impression: Memo to TG staff … when a flight is this late and passengers have onward connections, make an effort!! Cabin attendants were much more focussed on some elderly, geriatric notable than the rest of the passengers & their – my! – concerns. Not impressed.


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