To the Rose of the North

To the Rose of the North

Never particularly enjoy being bussed to & from a flight but that’s how this one begins at Suvarnabhumi. And after the ride passengers have to climb up two flights of metal stairs in the heat to reach the plane. Couldn’t see any easy access, so this would be quite a challenge for the elderly, anyone with a walking disability, and the overweight. Even for those with too much hand baggage! One older, larger gentleman was wheezing so much by the time he got to the top that he seemed in danger of a heart attack.

Happily he didn’t have one.

But Thailand does not cater well to the less than able-bodied.

However, the flight …

Flight:   TG110, Bangkok to Chiang Mai – aka the Rose of the North

Flight time: about an hour

Plane: Airbus 330-300

Class: Business

Seating: 2-2-2, fabric covered seats in plastic shell

The meal: fish with rice, the cabin attendant called it, but it was rather better than that description might suggest, the fish in a light curry sauce, the rice red. Plus a Thai dessert, jelly bits & sweet corn with coconut milk, over ice. A bit like the feature image for this post.

To drink: water’s good! There’s no booze offered on this flight, nor in the lounge for domestic departures

Best feature: ranks highly for comfort once you’re on board, and impressive that the cabin crew can handle a two course meal without seeming rushed on a fairly short flight

Overall impression: Definitely worth the fare difference!


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