Taking off

Taking off

OK. I fly a lot. Sometimes I feel like George Clooney in Up in the Air. Except of course that I’m not in the business of flying places in order to fire people.

But I do fly a lot. 2016 I travelled 154,727 kilometres, and spent 216 hours in the air. Add in travelling to & from airports and time spent in transit, and that sucked up 10 days of my life. Slurp! Gone. Forever.

Then one day – on a plane – I thought, maybe it’s not all wasted. Maybe someone might want to know what to expect when thinking of booking a particular flight. So let’s give it a whirl, critique the next few flights, see if anyone’s interested. Starting with today.

Flight:   SQ974, Singapore to Bangkok

Flight time: about 2 ½ hours

Plane: Boeing 777-200

Class: Business

Seating: 3 – 2 – 3, fabric covered

The champagne: ok, I know this is unnecessary but it was Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve, which they tell you was judged best business class sparkling wine in 2015 … still seemed fine to me in 2017

The meal: ubiquitous prosciutto to start, equally common pannacotta to finish; chose the salmon as a main; always a mistake on a plane ‘cos it’s always overcooked

Best feature: card for premium lane at immigration on arrival – the queues at Suvarnabhumi can be horrendous

Overall impression: Typical efficient SQ service


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