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Culinary crime #4

I thought it was time for a gripe, and here’s one I’ve been storing up. Stone fruit in NZ. Making the nectarine tart the other day reminded me. Even if, okay, the nectarines from the supermarket that day were ripe. And even though Lawrence did bring some decent peaches from Hawke’s Bay a couple of … Continue reading Culinary crime #4


Unintended consequences, and more courgettes

It’s an odd thing but, since I decided to try eating a little more seasonally than in the past, and to put more effort into growing veggies, I seem to have been less inclined to eat meat than before. Quite unexpected really. But, after all, when faced with the occasional glut of courgettes, you need to find … Continue reading Unintended consequences, and more courgettes

Charred courgettes with mint & vinegar

Friends having a party, a post-New-Year-barbecue. Bring something tasty to share, the invitation said. So, with a new cookbook to dip into, Sizzle by Julie Biuso, supposed to be the best barbecue cookbook in the world (according to a gold medallion-shaped sticker on the book’s cover), and the zucchini producing madly, I found this recipe. … Continue reading Charred courgettes with mint & vinegar

January 18th: Eating Italian, sort of

From the market to the kitchen, and the challenges of cooking in someone else’s space. Little anxieties … will the knives be sharp … the pots big enough … the serving dishes suitable … wine glasses sufficient …? I could go on. But, on this occasion, I found a very well-equipped kitchen - lacking only … Continue reading January 18th: Eating Italian, sort of