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Pork chops, Modena style

Waikanae was a surprise. I’d imagined Zimmer frames and mobility scooters, but nary a one in sight. The resident population’s more retirement village than rest home, it seems, and the place much more attractive than I’d imagined. Leafy, quiet, affluent streets. And, of course, if you drive to the coast there’s the black sand beach … Continue reading Pork chops, Modena style


Pork with leeks & cider

Good-looking leeks at the Sunday market … not like those in the garden … my father said I should have trimmed their roots at planting, but HOW is one supposed to know things like that?? I ask you!!! Anyway, the leeks (and pork on special at the supermarket) had me digging out another old favourite … Continue reading Pork with leeks & cider