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Mississippi mud cake (for Max)

I hesitate to say any recipe's fool-proof, but this is the nearest I've come to one. And, what's more, it's delicious.1 tbsp instant coffee100 gms dark (or cooking) chocolate1/2 cup water1 cup sugar100 gms butterPut in pot, & heat until chocolate's melted and sugar's dissolved. Allow to cool and add 2 tbsp whisky or sherry.Meanwhile … Continue reading Mississippi mud cake (for Max)


Greek coconut lemon cake

A colleague brings a generous bag of lemons to work, and as our tree has still never borne a fruit, I’m in. And, once home, inspired again to bake. Greek coconut lemon cake, a Jo “easy peasy” Seagar recipe that perhaps I once photocopied, or someone once gave me, but have never got around to … Continue reading Greek coconut lemon cake