Baked custard

Packing up a holiday house after a few days’ stay, especially at this time of the year when you know no-one else is likely to be in residence for some time, there’s always the question of what to do with the left-over food. After all, no-one can plan so well that there are no leftovers. Anyway, as I’m not in favour of the next person being greeted by exploding pots of yoghurt and mould-encrusted unidentifiables, I tend to use, take with me, or throw out. So, there was the question of the egg yolks remaining from the pav. And for something different, why not try a baked custard? A little egg-y to taste, but with whipped cream on a wintry night, very agreeable.

3 eggs

¼ cup sugar

2 cups milk, heated

½ tspn vanilla essence

pinch of nutmeg

In a saucepan, whisk eggs, sugar, heated milk & vanilla together. Pour into a 20cm pie plate. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Set pie plate in a shallow pan of water. Bake at 150 C for 1 hour or until set.  

This from the Edmonds’ Cookbook. I confess, I wasn’t sure what ‘heated’ milk meant. Luke-warm? Near boiling? Decided that it meant, to me, warmed until steaming slightly and the first vague suggestion of a skin forming, then I added the rest & whisked. Seemed to work okay. And a simpler way of using up yolks than crème brulée. Though not as delicious!


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