Le Canard

A birthday treat, a restaurant specialising in duck. It began on a high note, and swooped downwards. The entrée was very, very good … though perhaps would have been even better if served at room rather than fridge temperature. The main … well, with neither salt nor pepper on the table the message from the kitchen was clear … we season the food around here! And while I’m no salt fiend I did think this would have been improved with a tad more seasoning (though, of course, I didn’t ASK for the salt!). But all was not lost, dessert to come, profiteroles, impossible to go wrong with those. Unless of course you overcook the choux pastry! For some reason they decide to slice the profiteroles into pieces and arrange as swans around the balls of ice cream … cutesy on the plate, but I’d guess they bake them in their shapes. Not a smart idea. And, of course, as I’ve said before, dessert can make or break a meal. This evening’s meal didn’t inspire me to an early return to Le Canard.

LA PLANCHE DU CANARD A trio of duck liver mousse, rillettes and terrine of duck with fig and walnut

MAGRET DE CANARD SAUCE CASSIS Duck breast with blackcurrant sauce, braised red cabbage and bacon

PROFITEROLES AU CHOCOLAT Choux pastries, vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce


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