Pavlova – the last word

Thank goodness for my own blog! Here we are, down the Sounds again, and I could read the signals … a pavlova was wanted.   But the recipe I’ve come to trust was in Wellington … this was the first one I used, the one contributed by S. Reynolds to, from memory, the Eastern Southland Hockey Association cookbook … I found that by drawing a 22 cm circle on a piece of moistened baking paper and making sure it all sat inside that, this gave a reliable result, especially if the oven was a little hotter than S. Reynolds suggested. Anyway, so I went online, found the recipe, then looked in the pantry … an electric egg beater, to make life easier; ordinary white sugar, no castor sugar; and a choice of vinegars – balsamic or white wine. Balsamic didn’t seem to be the go (though it might have been interesting). And so I swung into action. With success. Though, to be fair, I’ve a very broad definition of success … we’re not the most discerning of pavlova consumers!

But anyway, this will be my LAST word on pavlovas. Promise.


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