Has been ages since we entertained, but now that I’m back in the country it’s time to be a bit more hospitable. So, friends for dinner on the weekend and as usual going for an Italian-themed meal. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about Italian food that I like. Actually, I do know! It’s the colours, and the flavours, and the redolence of summer. So, we had …

… not Italian, but great colour & flavour, Silver Palate’s minted pea & spinach soup

… beef stew with red wine

… and a second Gabriella Rossi recipe, her tiramisu. The real thing, with mascarpone instead of whipped cream. Here it is, slightly adapted.

3 eggs, separated

450 gms mascarpone, at room temperature

3 tbspn caster sugar

½ tspn vanilla essence

½ cup brandy (or coffee flavoured liqueur)

18 sponge fingers

dark chocolate

Whisk egg whites till stiff peaks form. In a separate large bowl mix mascarpone, sugar, vanilla & egg yolks until evenly combined. Fold in egg whites. Spread some of mix in bottom of a large serving bowl.

Mix coffee and brandy together in a shallow dish. Dip a sponge finger in the mix, turn quickly – aim for saturated rather than sodden. Place on top of the mascarpone mix in the bowl. Add another 5 dipped sponge fingers. Add a layer of mascarpone mix. Add another layer of dipped sponge fingers. And repeat.

Cover & chill overnight. Before serving, grate generous amounts of dark chocolate over top. Serve, and watch disappear.


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