Vegetarian lasagne

Seduced by their glossy skins, I brought a couple of aubergine back from the supermarket with me. And feeling a little tired of meat, thought a vegetarian lasagne might be a pleasant change. Sliced one aubergine & sprinkled with salt (I never think this makes any difference, but the cookbooks usually recommend it) while I got on with the rest. A simple tomato sauce from a sautéed finely chopped onion, simmered with a tin of chopped tomatoes, a dob (i.e. a generous amount more than a dab!) of tomato paste, and seasonings when the onion’s soft. A simple cheese sauce, using a cup of milk. And three-quarters cooked a packet of dried lasagne. Then assembled in a buttered dish. Lasagne, aubergine slices (rinsed & patted dry), tomato sauce. Repeat. Cheese sauce over the top, and grated parmesan for good measure. In the oven at 180 C. By the time it’s bubbling and the top’s browning nicely, the aubergine will have cooked down. Anyway, served with a green salad, so simple, so delicious.


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