Kitchen disasters

 Okay, time to ‘fess up. Sometimes things go wrong in the kitchen. And I’m not just talking about my recent adventures with pavlova. Last weekend, for example, at the market, 5 terakihi for $10 sounded such a bargain, I couldn’t walk past it. But when I got them home I wasn’t sure which year, let alone which week, they’d died in. And as for gutting & cleaning fish in the kitchen sink (I couldn’t believe they hadn’t been gutted!), it’s not something you really want to be doing. The smell, the scales … In the end, a couple of fish were (just!) half-decent baked whole, but the rest we decided would better serve as compost around the sickly lemon tree.

And then the next day, friends announced they were popping in for afternoon tea. So I thought, why not bake the cake on the calendar. Apple & ginger upside-down cake. It looked LOVELY. But I wonder if the recipe had ever been tested? It rose splendidly, and the exterior was definitely cooked, over-cooked even. But when I removed it from the oven, the centre was heaving like a mud pool. And when I cut into it, the insides were gooey and un-/under-cooked. Socially ruined. Even worse, the last time these folk popped in, a mouse scuttled out from under the stove … the ONLY time I’ve seen a mouse in this house.

Still, at least the cake was impressively ginger-tasting.

But, all of this too say, ain’t cooking a b*tch sometimes? But wonderful, whatever happens.


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