My Life in France

Not mine, sadly, but the Julia Child book. Have finished reading it and (a) enjoyed it very much, (b) even if not terribly well written, with too many pointless anecdotes, but (c) did wonder at the huge discrepancies between the life events of Julia Child in this book and Julia Child as portrayed (so very, very well by Meryl Streep) in Julie & Julia. As one very small example, she was in Oslo, not some twee American town, when the letter accepting Mastering the Art of French Cooking was accepted. So, I guess the lesson is, enjoy the film, the story it tells, but don’t mistake it for the truth. Mind you, I’d still love to see Meryl Streep portray JC in a film of her life.

Anyway, moving on, I’d love to have my own life in France, but can’t see that happening in the near future. It is a blessing, though, that our garden has finally started producing. Has been a dreadful summer but we can now claim two courgettes, one lettuce, and one tomato FINALLY ripening! I’m expecting the harvest stats to progress geometrically from now on!!


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