Pavlova, take 3

My adventures with pavlova have been continuing. The Australian whanau were coming for lunch, so I decided on pizza (homemade) and pavlova … washed down with that world-famous (in NZ) beverage, Lemon & Paeroa. Actually, that last was an afterthought, and proved to be a successful novelty for the Aussies. But anyway, was tempted to try the 1941 pav recipe again, but this time pre-heating the oven to 150 C and leaving the mix, in its tin, in the cooling oven for an hour or so. And the result was almost like baked egg whites, very light & airy, with a thin crust. Perhaps starting with a slightly hotter oven might have produced a better crust? Still, I was pleased. And young Jack, aged almost-five, wolfed it down, had seconds, barely touched the sides I reckon. So that was a vote of confidence in the end result. But I can feel another attempt coming on. With crème brulee as a destination for the unused yolks. No complaints there.

Oh, and one more pearl of wisdom from a recent pavlova-making conversation. Pavlovas don’t rise if the weather’s wet or humid. If that were the case, you’d never make them in Wellington!


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