Pavlova, take 2

Spurred on by the relative success of my first pavlova attempt (& having another 4 egg whites in search of their destiny) I decided to be brave and tackle a different recipe, the one in the 1941 cook book. Here it is. See if you can spot my dilemma.

          Four whites of eggs, 1 cup castor sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla and vinegar.

          Grease tin and put grease-proof paper which has cold water on it and shake well. Takes about an hour to cook.

A pretty concise little recipe, admirably brief, and while I could work out that it was a teaspoon each of v & v, and didn’t need to be told that the ingredients needed to be beaten together, I wanted to know OVEN TEMPERATURES. The good old Edmonds Cookbook said 45 minutes at 150 C for their recipe, different again, so I decided to try that. Well, this pav certainly rose, and when the top started to brown I decided it was ready. What I didn’t anticipate is that it changed from statuesque to collapsed as it cooled. In the oven. Was that the mistake? Should I have removed it? So much I don’t know, have to learn by trial and error.

Still, when the sink hole in the centre was filled with whipped cream and berries, it tasted ok, if the merest tad burnt. But L declared it to be the best pav ever. I think that means he wants me to make another!!!


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