Fruit fool

The Sunday market was a relatively quiet affair this week, with most of the country still on holiday, but most of the vendors seemed to be there. And one of the bargains of the day was ripe stone fruit, plums & apricots. Amazingly the apricots even tasted like apricots! But there’s only so much fresh fruit one can eat before it goes off, and I don’t see myself as a jam maker. So good old Annabel Langbein to the rescue again … she has a strawberry fool recipe, but it works just as well with plums, apricots, fruit with good acidity. I peeled and stoned about 10 ripe plums, threw them in the food processor with 2 tbspn icing sugar and the juice of one lemon, and blended to a puree. Then folded the fruit into 300 ml of whipped cream.

I thought I’d be fancy and serve this in wine glasses. We have some long-stemmed wine glasses with a tortoise shell look (which conjure Chloe of Wainuiomata and her leopard skin prints when I see these glasses at the back of the pantry), and spooned the fool into these. Of course, being long-stemmed they wouldn’t fit on the shelves of the fridge, so I put the glasses in the bottle holder on the fridge door. Well, you can guess what happened when the fridge door got opened! Expletives flew. SO stupid. Still, we only lost one, and I’ll know better next time.


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