Julie & Julia

The rest of the world has probably already seen this film, and formed its opinions, but I finally got round to seeing it. Could have seen it on a plane, of course, but wanted the big screen experience. And had read the book, so knew what I was getting, more or less. The film, however, much better than the book in some ways, thanks to Meryl Streep as Julia Childs. Thinking about it afterwards, I decided the Julie Powell character, like her persona in the book, doesn’t manage to convey a love of food, a passion for eating, and cooking.  If she were a sauce, she’d be a little thin and watery. An admirable determination, of course … having browsed Mastering the art of French cooking in the book shop the following day, I knew it wasn’t a cook book I’d ever want to work my way through. What’s the point of aspic, after all!?


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