Another market

I didn’t associate street markets with Berlin before I arrived, but there’s one at least … the Haeckerstr market, which only operates Thursdays & Saturdays apparently. But I was in luck, and enjoyed it. Small but perfectly formed! There’s fresh produce, and food to eat, as well as craft-y stuff (as well as good shops nearby … a book store, Muji …). On the first visit just browsed, with an espresso from the Italian coffee stall in hand, and later, for lunch, a gozle (have I got that right?) from two Turkish women at another stall. It’s a flat bread, like a pita, with spinach & white cheese worked into the dough, and wrapped around salad. A little too much red onion in the salad for my taste, but apart from that tasty and fresh. That, anyway, was the Thursday. Returned on the Saturday … decided I was going to cook roast pumpkin & feta frittata for the friends I was staying with … so left the market with a small pumpkin & a lettuce for the accompanying salad. The flesh of the pumpkin, I have to say, was a lovely deep orange … very important for the dish, gives it a visual richness. And dinner was a success. Thank goodness for straightforward recipes! I posted it earlier.


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