London, I do love it and it’s many faces. Tatty & run-down … arrive at Heathrow Terminal 1 & see if that’s not your first impression. Splendid … the iconic skyline, the buildings. And reassuringly unchanging. That perhaps is the human face of the city. At the bottom of the road where I’m staying is a market, the North End Road market. It’s just great. Fruit stalls, vege stalls. Fish, cheese. And ‘stuff’. It’s not big, but it’s busy, and cheerful (especially if you take being called ‘love’, and ‘darling’, as evidence of good cheer), and seems cheap. Of course, very little is locally grown, or even seasonal. The Peruvian asparagus we had my first night, for example. Is this a treat I wondered, feeling that as a good guest I should eat them, and try to keep them down … asparagus is FAR from my favourite vegetable. And trying not to wonder about the food miles.


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