Roast duck

There’s a bit of a reluctance, travelling alone, to go into restaurants full of groups having a good time. Better to seek out the cafes where local people eat, perhaps on their way home from work. May not be the haute-est of local cuisine, but good honest food. I was quite pleased yesterday to discover barbecued roast duck and rice from a sort of fast food outlet, Cafe de Coral, at one of the railway stations. Eating it standing up at a counter, beside a plate glass window, in full view of the passing foot traffic … would people stare? But no, not that I noticed, and chopsticks and duck don’t pose any sort of problem for me. So I wasn’t creating a spectacle. And I LOVE that roast duck, so my focus was on the food.

There was a bit more of a chopstick challenge at dinner though … deliciously fatty knuckles of pork, but so hard to manage. They’d provided a fork with the chopsticks, and I wasn’t too proud to use it to impale the meat with my left hand, while I prodded and poked with chopsticks in my right. Free entertainment for other diners? No, they were intent on their own eating.

And, as a postscript, some things in HK may be expensive, but eating like this sure ain’t.


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