A fine bakery

Back in Hong Kong, back at the same hotel I stayed at the start of last year. The great thing about returning, the immediate locale is a little familiar. A couple of road names known, a couple of small restaurants remembered. But best of all, just around the corner on Nathan Road, a great little bakery. Yamazaki Bakery. Excellent little croissants, and so inexpensive. Also, and this a real treat, delicious egg custard tarts. Those are something I somehow associate with Chinese cuisine … blame that on a taste sensation in Singapore once upon a time. But anyway, I can’t recommend this bakery enough … it’s always humming, mainly young women picking their selections with tongs onto trays … and then can be seen at the bus stop nearby nibbling away.

Anyway, so I’m skipping hotel breakfasts and eating in my room. Very contentedly!


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