Leaving, on a jet plane

Am at Auckland airport, once again, on my travels. Grazing on an apple & a glass of bubbles as I wait for my flight to be called. Half past ten at night, and the place is busy. Guess none of us will be looking so bright-eyed in twelve hours’ time. I know I won’t! Anyway, a chance to add a few random thoughts …

The garden, now planted up with vegetables for summer. Tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, peas, silver beet. The same as last year. The reassuring cycle of the seasons. I hope, when I return, to find it looking healthy, if not yet bountiful. And, fingers crossed, none of the blight that affected the tomatoes last year.

And last night, a great Kiwi feed, courtesy of our neighbours … West Coast whitebait. Perhaps the fritter recipe in the Edmonds’ Cookbook is not the most flattering way to treat that expensive delicacy, but that’s how we had them. And they were fine. But I do recall once, in a restaurant, having them tossed in a beaten egg and lightly dusted with flour. That was the best ever, but I didn’t feel confident to try it last night.

Lots more I’ve been meaning to say, but it’s not important, can wait. Except to add, we have eaten again at Caffe Italiano in Cuba St since my last post … disappointing this time. I start to wonder whether it’s a franchise, and about quality control. Think it may be time to find a new favourite cheap-ish eatery.

But for now, I’m looking forward to some eating treats in Hong Kong.


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