Pot luck dinners

 Something I’m NOT a fan of … pot luck dinners. Sure, they serve a purpose but I just don’t enjoy them. Part of me wants to say, when you come to my house I’m happy to cook and clean up for you, I don’t want to do the same when I come to yours. And part of my dislike of these events – and they’ve been cropping up regularly of late – is never knowing what to make. So I normally don’t go (and NEVER feel I’m missing out!), but there is one exception … the monthly Volunteer Service Abroad branch meeting. A gathering of people who’ve been volunteers and supporters, good people who it’s great to keep in touch with. Usually, coming from work, I grab something suitable from the supermarket but this month was at home during the day & turned to St Annabel for inspiration. Her chicken & noodle with chilli peanut sauce worked a treat. Even if I did end up using egg spaghetti rather than noodles, so a rather unusual fusion going on there. But it made me think, maybe I could put a little tick beside this … just in case I overcome my aversion to pot lucks any time soon.


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