Date scones

 The long weekend provided a great excuse to get across to the Sounds again. Just the two of us, so a peaceful, relaxing time with only birds for company. Some gardening, some work around the property, but nothing too arduous. And a fair bit of eating. Decided one day that I’d make date scones. After all, how hard could it be? Pulled out the old Edmonds Cookbook and found the recipe. Make a soft dough, divide it in half. Roll out one half, stud with dates, then roll out the other half & place on top. Problem #1. What does a ‘soft dough’ look like? Mine was certainly soft, but would perhaps more accurately be described as soggy. The intelligent thing I suppose would have been to add more flour. But I didn’t, just persevered. The first half of the dough rolled out okay but, despite generous sprinklings of flour, seemed pretty glued to the board. So was the second half. Problem #2. How to get one glued-on rolled-out dough sheet on top of another date-studded ditto?? With a bit of scraping with a spatula and a helping hand, literally, it flopped on top, in a sad-looking mound. Teased it out to sort of cover the bottom layer, but then … Problem #3. It all had to transfer to a baking tray. Placed the baking tray on top, turned the board upside down … Oh dear, it didn’t look pretty, and no way could it be cut into scone sizes with a knife. Nothing for it but to bung it in the oven and hope. The miracle didn’t happen. Well, it did cook, and the end result was decently date-filled, but rather flat in appearance & rubbery in texture. Still, hot out of the oven & dripping with butter, they weren’t too bad. But why didn’t I just make a basic scone dough & mix in a generous quantity of chopped dates, I wonder? That’s what I’d expected to be doing. Shouldn’t have trusted the recipe! But at least I may be a little less critical, or a little more appreciative, of the date scones I encounter in cafés in the future. And will try again, doing things MY way next time. 




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