Caffe Italiano (again)

Mother-in-law to stay, so a change to our evening routine. Earlier meals, desserts … and more traditional fare. Meat loaf, rhubarb crumble. Nothing wrong with those of course. But one night out to Caffe Italiano in Cuba Street. Where they had a very good, but rather loud, trio of musicians to entertain the diners. Fine for us, but I have noticed septuagenarians aren’t so keen on noise. But anyway, a successful choice of restaurant, even with the live music, and the food pleasing as always. This time I opted for a platter of entrées, a tasty threesome. The oven-roasted mushrooms, with fresh ricotta and pine nuts, perhaps my fave, but closely followed by the melanzana, which I later found out simply means aubergine (or eggplant). Layered and baked in a tomato sauce, with a crusty parmesan top. Was it parmigiana di melanzane? Bronze medal winner, by some distance, on the night was definitely the polpette, pork meatballs in a tomato sauce. Rather too solid. Those I was happy to share with the table!


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