Oyster stuffing

Eating alone, what do people do? Can you just sit there by yourself and eat? Me, if there’s no-one to talk to, I have to read. So, down the Sounds by myself, I browsed one of (what I assume were) my grand-mother’s cookbooks, The Lily Wallace New American Cookbook, 1947. Didn’t stumble across anything I’d want to cook, but some things that struck me as DEEPLY bizarre. Oyster stuffing, for instance. It requires 25 oysters! And what on earth would you stuff it into??? Some sort of surf ‘n’ turf combination? Which I’ve always thought vile, anyway. No, it’s baffling. And leads to three possible conclusions. 1. Cooking styles have changed enormously in the last sixty years. 2. Americans are different from the rest of us. 3. Don’t eat alone.


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