Simple things

The chance to get away for a few days, and when a glance at the long-range forecast promised a series of sunny, clear days I decided to head to the Sounds again. And it was brilliant. Stunning days, with the garden alive with bird song, and transiting from winter to spring. Those old-fashioned overly-pink rhododendrons just finishing, the more interesting ones not yet out. A camellia, a couple of azalea also in flower. And the fruit trees. Have never seen the pink flowers of the quince trees before … this isn’t a time of year I normally get to the Sounds. Next year, I think, I should test whether the quinces are indeed ornamental fruit (as I’ve always been told) or whether they can be used.

Anyway, by myself, and the food simple. Lunch in the sun on the verandah, for instance. Poached eggs on buttered toast. A crisp Braeburn apple, not one of those over-sweet varieties. A glass of water, chill from the tap. And Whitaker’s chocolate. Which, incidentally, seems to be enjoying a surge of popularity among consumers, following Cadbury’s ill-advised venture into using palm oil.  From which practice they’ve now retreated … so consumer backlash can work, even if it didn’t with my Vogel’s bread!

As a little aside about Whitaker’s chocolate. There was talk once of erecting a giant peanut slab in Porirua, like the Ohakune carrot. But the powers that be decided that something brown and full of nuts wasn’t the image they wanted!

(I suppose you need to know there used to be a psychiatric hospital in Porirua.)


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