Hotel breakfasts

It amazes me that, when I go down to the hotel dining room at 6.30 in the morning, it’s so full of people. People who are clearly not insomniacs, people who appear to be bright-eyed & bushy-tailed after a good night’s sleep. Not people like me who have been awake since 5, or even 3, and are feeling grumpy about being jet-lagged. However, let me say, this hotel (the Imperial Queen’s Park) does breakfast – &, indeed, service – very well. And with over 1000 rooms (I’m sure I read on their promo material), while it’s not really my sort of hotel, I don’t suppose they’d survive long without excellent management in place. And at breakfast they triumph. Thank goodness, because when jet-lagged & grumpy one doesn’t want to be crossed first thing in the morning! When I’m in a hotel I don’t require all the trappings of a cooked breakfast but I do like certain basics to be right: (a) a pot of tea rather than a cup from a passing Kona, (b) juice that isn’t cordial, and (c) good croissants. Big ticks on each of those scores.  Also, a great selection of almost-home-made-looking jams … damson plum, red currant, strawberry, and others … attractively presented in glass jars.   And other interesting things that I didn’t sample … pale green pandanus jam to go with the French toast, for example. My sole complaint – Australian rather than NZ butter … which everyone knows is superior!


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