Air travel eating

I’ve been hanging out for yesterday’s flight to Bangkok. The last two or three weeks have been demanding … a family funeral, car written off in an accident, father in hospital, and then, over the past couple of days, parents moving out of the family home after 45 years. That was stressful, as house moves inevitably are. So, the thought of getting on a plane and being out of touch for 12 hours or so was bliss … a chance just to switch off really. And it also provided a stream of opportunities to browse, from a long black & sultana scone in the Koru Club at Wellington Airport (where the catering is reliably good) to bananas and lum yai in the fruit bowl in the hotel room on arrival. But mainly, of course, it was about eating on the plane. I’m not sure that the menu was that different from when I last flew up here, six months ago, but that’s okay. Liked the vanilla-infused confit of chicken served with kawakawa potato gnocchi & kawakawa cream on the first meal service, and always happy to be given a pottle of Kapiti’s black Doris plum ice cream to eat, which ended that meal. Some hours and another movie later, the slices of seared sugar cured tuna served atop a pawpaw salad (with a nice red onion bite; airline food can be bland) pleased me, and the hint of chilli in the pineapple fried rice seemed to mark the transition from Kiwi to Thai food. I’m looking forward to the real thing.


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