Of cauliflower

One of the joys of travelling is the brief, intense, transient friendships that suddenly spring up. Maybe there’s also a certain tristesse there, too, because they’re so fleeting. For me, memories of one such friendship are always triggered by cauliflowers. It was in Helsinki, and this blonde Californian with one of those ‘Californian’ names – Troy? Trent? Glenn? I forget now – and I bonded over a shared liking for munching on florets of uncooked cauliflower. Seems bizarre now, but maybe back then raw vegetables were less mainstream? But anyway, we got on tremendously well for a few days & then parted somewhere in northern Sweden. Never to cross paths again.

I was put in mind of this by the gorgeous cauliflowers available now … they’re a joy to behold.  And delicious in a cauliflower & egg curry, the recipe discovered in an Alison & Simon Holst cookbook.

But also delicious in that old-fashioned favourite, cauliflower cheese. Always faithfully following the recipe in the trusty Edmonds’ Cookbook. Where would we be without it!


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