Return to winter

The most obvious thing to say about returning to NZ from Samoa … it’s cold! Weather for lighting fires and baking cakes. So, as a sort of welcome home consolation prize, I decided to make this lemon syrup cake, a friend’s recipe.

          6 oz caster sugar

          6 oz softened butter

          6 oz self raising flour

          3 eggs

          Juice & zest of a lemon

Put everything in a bowl and beat like mad until fluffy. Put into a buttered and paper-lined 8” cake tin. Cook until golden and done, about 40 minutes at 180C. Then, while the cake’s still hot, pour the syrup over and leave to soak in. For the syrup, put the following in a saucepan and boil for 2 minutes.

          6 oz sugar

          Juice of 3 lemons

          3 tbspns water

Served warm with whipped cream, it made up for the weather outside.


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