Tofa Samoa

Flights from Samoa to NZ seem to leave at ungodly hours. We were up at 4 a.m. to get our taxi through sleeping villages to Faleolo International Airport. All hassle-free, so no complaints really. There, at the airport, I had my first coffee in 9 days. A plunger pot from the downstairs stand near the Western Union booth … and boy! was it good! Walked away suffused with a warm glow and a sense of enormous well-being. Who says coffee isn’t a useful drug?!

 But anyway, final thoughts … Samoa a great place to holiday, if not really an eating (or shopping) mecca. Lacks the tourist infrastructure of, say, Fiji, but is correspondingly less touristic. And as for the places we stayed …

… Seipepa Bungalow, Apia – attractive, but inconveniently located; probably wouldn’t stay there again

… Namu’a Island – thoroughly enjoyed

… Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets – poorly managed; they had no record of our booking (and I’d paid a 15% deposit), rooms weren’t terribly clean, nor cleaned; a shame really, as it’s a pretty spot … but I’d hesitate to recommend it

… and finally, Airport Lodge – we chose this for our final night because of its relative proximity to the airport, whereas Apia is a lot further away; very attractive fales, and a quiet garden setting … a bit isolated, but I’d certainly consider it again … next time!


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