Italian brunch

It’s been a while since we’ve been to Caffe Italiano in Cuba Street … less inclination to go out, I suppose, as the days shorten & the weather worsens, and (I confess) I discovered it’s a bit of a chain with (I think) three locations in Wellington … but anyway, arranged to meet friends there for brunch. Pleased to see the menu changes with the seasons, even if that means former favourites disappear.  But no disappointment with my choice – Parma ham, roasted quartered mushrooms, fresh buffalo mozzarella & rocket with toasted focaccio … good flavours, and a nice freshness to the dish.


One thought on “Italian brunch

  1. OK it’s not about food but the Italian move we just saw. Ernesto (il mio amico Italiano) says that in Italy they had subtitles for Gomorra so as to understand the Neopolitan accent,,,,,so it wasn’t just us being poor linguists….thanks for coming along and enjoy Samoa

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