Pumpkin soup

Winter and soups do go together. And the other day I found the pumpkin soup recipe that my mother gave me, probably when I first went flatting … so this is a recipe from the heyday of pumpkin soup, maybe 30 years ago!

          Cut the pumpkin into roasting size pieces, and boil with as little water as possible, along with ¾ tspn salt and a chopped onion. When soft, blend into a puree, not using too much water – you can always add more. (Actually, if you get it right, there’s almost no surplus liquid anyway.)

          Make a roux from a tbspn butter and a tbspn flour, then add the pureed pumpkin, nutmeg, salt & (white) pepper, and chicken stock. Thin with milk, and garnish with freshly chopped parsley when serving.

          Today though, I did learn a valuable lesson. Label things in the freezer! The (what I thought was) home-made chicken stock was actually a beef & red wine reduction! So, an unexpectedly interesting taste combination. Not one I’d recommend, but with fresh baguette from the very good bakery near the Sunday market, itself the source of the pumpkin, it wasn’t a bad lunch.


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