A decent date scone

Back in Picton, time for a quick lunch while waiting for the departure of the water taxi. Habit dictates a visit to the Seabreeze Café, which has been there forever though that’s not immediately obvious … it received an unsympathetic, harsh make-over a few years ago and seems to incorporate both elements of echoing barn and 1990s urban chic. Still, it has the ideal location, and always seems well-patronised. And for me the great delight was discovering their home-made date scones … full of dates … those people who run the Pukekura teahouse in New Plymouth should pay a visit.

(Though, as a footnote, in Picton they also use those nasty butter pats AND they charge for each one. How you can justify serving a scone without butter included in the price escapes me! And it’s these sort of petty cheese-paring practices that turn me against a place. Grrr.)


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