What’s for dinner?

We were going to go to the cinema tonight, and have a meal in town, but (feeling tired) I suggested we stay home … and, after all, what could be better than staying in and watching crap TV on Friday night!!?? Still, while it’s pleasant to just blob at home, it did raise the question (yet again) … what’s for dinner? We’re about to go away for a few days too, so there’s not much in the house. But it’s always possible to invent a meal from what’s at hand (I imagine that’s the sort of thing our grandmothers would have said) & we had the remains of a roast chicken in the fridge. Roast chicken is such a useful meal. Roast one night, cold another, some for sandwiches and then, when it really gets down to it, the pickings for chicken fried rice. Tonight’s dinner. While the rice cooks, a finely chopped onion sautéed, then sliced mushrooms added. Endless variations possible but tonight, chopped silver beet from the garden also added, and then a tin of sweet corn (drained), the chopped up chicken and a dollop of sweet chilli sauce mixed in and allowed to warm through.  Typically, we put the cooked rice in a large serving dish, ladle the stir-fried mix on top & toss. When I’m feeling lazy I crack an egg in and mix quickly, but whenever I feel like making the effort (like tonight) I make an omelette (the last egg in the house + the leftover whites from the Bakewell tart), cut it roughly and add in. Visually it’s a bit of a treat with the yellows & greens & flecks of red, and texturally it works too, especially with the softness of the omelette. Oh, and it tastes good.  


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