La Casa Pasta

There was a fairly harsh review of La Casa Pasta, in Dixon Street, in the paper recently. It was accurate enough, no doubt, but wasn’t it missing the point about the restaurant?  We eat there occasionally, for something quick & inexpensive on the way to somewhere else. Like, the other night, grabbing a meal in town between finishing work & a movie. The place was packed by 7 p.m., so, even if the cannelloni are crepes rather than pasta, they’re doing something right. I think maybe it’s the sense of a restaurant experience. A candle on every table, a bottle of water provided immediately. Opera playing. A feeling of warmth, and of people having a good time. Friendly wait staff, too. And all this for not much more than the cost of some fast food option gobbled at a grubby table in a brightly-lit, stainless-steel takeaway bar. So, you can be all superior and say the food’s not genuine, or you can accept the place for what it is, and just enjoy the experience. After all, the spinach-stuffed crepes in a tomato sauce were perfectly tasty. Although I realise that maybe calling the food ‘tasty’ is for a restaurant reviewer like a model describing a fashion designer’s clothes as ‘comfy’. Not quite a compliment.


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