Scalloped potatoes

Well, the tapenade made from those dodgy olives didn’t kill us … thought I should post today just in case anyone was wondering! And I wanted to mention the scalloped potatoes I served with the beef niçoise last night. The best ever, in memory, were those served at Le Beauchamp restaurant in the days when I was waiting there post-university … crisp top, creamy sauce … mine aren’t as good, I admit, and as I seldom make them I always have to phone my mother for guidance. Where would we be without our Mums! Anyway … slice potatoes thinly, layer in a baking dish, season, plus a crushed clove of garlic spread through; pour a milk & cream mix over so just touching the top layer, throw on a few dabs of butter. Cover with grease-proof paper and put in oven. Remove paper when about half-way to allow browning. I think perhaps my potato slices were a bit too thin last night … I used the food processor … and if the dish didn’t quite measure up in terms of appearance, it won on taste.


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