Caribbean chicken

Late home, again = Annabel Langbein to the rescue, again. Annabel Langbein + chicken breasts in fridge + new lidded frying pan = her Caribbean chicken. Which recipe fortunately I’d glanced at the night before, so grabbed a couple of kumara from the green grocer in Aro Street on the way home.

4 skinned, boned chicken breasts

2 tbspn lemon juice

Flatten the chicken between cling film with rolling pin or mallet. Mix with the lemon juice & leave to stand while preparing veggies.

1 tbspn butter

1 onion, finely sliced

2 kumara, peeled & diced in 1 cm pieces

200 gms pumpkin, ditto

¼ cup orange juice (though, not having any, I used pineapple with no ill effect)

Heat butter in frying pan. Add onion, cook till just browning. Add kumara, pumpkin & orange juice. Cover & cook for about 30 minutes, until tender, adding more liquid (water) if it dries out.

2 tspn each toasted cumin & fennel seeds

¼ cup toasted coconut

Mix in the seeds & coconut. Roughly mash the veggies, i.e. break up into smaller bits. Season well with salt & pepper.


Meanwhile, the chicken should be seasoned & pan fried in 2 tbspn butter. I sliced them & served atop the veggie mash mix, with emerald green broccoli florets on the side. Looked good, tasted good, & I wondered about mixing a few pineapple chunks into the veggie mix with the seeds & coconut next time. ‘Cos am sure there will be a next time.


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