Obituary for a loaf

It all began with Ben Murphy. I’m sure it was he, star of that ‘70s Western Alias Smith & Jones. For some reason he came to NZ, filming perhaps, and discovered Vogel’s bread. The unsliced loaf. Loved it, raved about it, took it back to California. A long time ago, but we were eating that bread at home way back then. And since then it’s become a bit of an icon. When living abroad I used to look forward to, among other things, my first slice of fresh Vogel’s with butter & Vegemite on visits back. And then, more recently, those TV ads showing ex-pat Kiwis & their Vogel’s loaves … always unsliced. Hiding it from flatmates. The couple in the New York loft … get over it, Michael … she’d touched his bread, he was sulking. Oh, I could identify!


But now, okay, I admit defeat. My campaign to save the Vogel’s Original unsliced loaf has failed. It’s not back on the shelves, despite lots of people phoning the customer service number, and a letter to the editor. Idly Googling I discovered that an Auckland newspaper columnist had also picked up the issue, in passing, but all to no avail. Such a shame. At least I know I’m not alone … even had support from the UK & Australia where, apparently, the industrial bakers have also got rid of the unsliced loaf.


So now, what to do? A personal boycott perhaps. Not that my hundred, hundred and fifty loaves a year are going to be missed by the corporate that’s upset my breakfast habits, but at least I’ll feel I’m making a statement. Take that, Goodman Fielder Wattie!


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